Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1st//3rd/2nd Person Story Retelling

1st//3rd/2nd Person Story Retelling -    
First Round:
Students work in pairs answering a basic question like ‘What did you do last weekend?’ with 5 different sentences (I went, I ate, etc.).  Any speaking topic or language structure can be targeted (e.g. tell a travel story/story progressing words, what were you doing in 2015/past progressive).  Their partner must remember and repeat the sentences ‘You went, You ate, etc.)
Partners:  A-B   C-D
Second Round:  
Students then change partners and must repeat the sentences of their original partner (John went, He ate, etc.).  The new partners must also remember what they’re hearing.
Partners: A-C  - B-D
Third Round
Each person is partnered with the person whose story they heard in the second round.   They tell each other their partner’s own story.  Their partner then tells them how accurate they were.
Partners: A-D  B-C


  1. When it comes to improving speaking, no other activities can beat it. Kind of challenging but definitely worth trying.

  2. This activity interests me a lot, but for middle school students, especially low level ones, it would not be so helpful. The reason is that they have low experiences in their life and have low English at that time, they are limited to speak and listen to others. It will be good for high school students and university ones.