Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Guess the Classmate Activities

Guess the Classmate Activities
Short Version:  Have students write a short list of words in a given time. (e.g. words that describe what you did last weekend).  The teacher then collects the papers, reads a few and students guess who they think wrote it.
Longer Version:  Have students fill out a worksheet similar to the one below.  Make sure know students don’t write their names on the paper.  Collect all of the forms and have students pick one at a time (whole group or small group). Have students read the information and guess who is being described.
Three Words that describe you:
Your favorite….:  Free Time Activity______________   Animal______________ Subject___________
Your Dream Job ______________________    Your Hero _____________________
Something people in this class don't know about you ___________________________

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  1. This is a really fun activity we can use in our own classroom. Students don't have to make complicated sentences and get to know each other well without the pressure. "Something people in this class don't know about you" question is especially interesting.