Sunday, June 17, 2018

Grammar Bingo

Activity 1 Checking Comprehension
  • T reminds Ss of the sentences in the textbook and asks them to talk about what they learned last class in pairs.
With 100 won, you can give a child three bananas.
With 1000 won, you can buy a child a meal.
With 10000 won, you can send 30 pills to sick children in North Korea.
  • Ss explain to each other the rules of the target structure, dative verbs.
S + Dative verbs + Indirect Object + Direct Object
S + Dative verbs + Direct Object + Preposition + Indirect Object
  • Ss are asked to put the ideas they’ve shared together in groups.
  • T checks whether it is correct or not with the whole class.

Activity 2 Practicing Target Structure
  • T lets Ss in pairs write the sentences on the picture cards by using the given words(including davite verbs) and pictures.
  • Ss are asked to complete all of the sentence cards for the Bingo game.
  • T lets Ss share and check the answers in groups.

Activity 3 Playing Bingo Game
  • T let Ss randomly put the sentence cards in each grid on the board.
  • Ss present and tick the target sentences on the cards in turn.
  • When Ss make 3 or 4 lines, they win the game.

Wall Paper Activity

Wall Paper Activity

Procedure of Portion Demonstrated
  1. T explains the rules of this activity showing the ppt to Ss.
  2. Each student run to the wall paper on the classroom walls and fill in the blanks using his/her left hand( if a student is left handed, he/she should use a right hand.)
  3. If Ss are finished with their work on the paper, they should go to the teacher and have their answers checked by the teacher.
  4. If all their answers are all correct, they can take the worksheet to their desks and work on the clues on the back of the paper and work in groups to figure out a secret sentence.
  5. The first group who guesses the secret sentence first is the winner.

Reading memory game

Procedure of Portion Demonstrated

  • After learning the reading text of text book, Teacher can use this activity. 
  • The purpose of the activity is to make students read aloud the sentences in English and make them put scrambled sentences in order. By doing this, students can understand how all the sentences are connected in a paragraph. 
  • Teacher makes some groups of students and let them choose their number in their group. 
  • A student comes up to the front and teacher shows one sentence on the screen. 
  • A students memorize the sentence and write it down on their group worksheet after going back to their seats. 
  • All students takes turns to memorize scrambled sentences. 
  • After writing all sentences on the paper, students in groups discuss how all the scrambled sentences are connected together in one paragraph. 
  • Teacher can just tell Korean translated meaning to some students who have low ability and they can make the sentence in English with other team mates using Korean meaning.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Three-step Interview

  1. Students will answer 9 questions about what they did in summer vacation.
  2. Students will ask 3 things from the questions to their partner.
  3. Students will deliver their partner’s story to the person across from them.
  4. Students will present what they listen to the whole class.

Three-step interview worksheet

Reading a book cover

Name:  Nam, Kyunghwa( Kate)                                                Grade Level: Grade 10
Topic/Lesson Title:
Reading a book cover

Source of Experimentation
 The Help written  by Kathryn Stockett

Language Skills:
Reading skills, speaking skills, and listening skills
Learning Objective:  (What will learners know or be able to do after this activity/lesson?)
  • Students can guess the meaning of the new word from the context. 
  • Students can find the information of characters, setting, and the theme of the book by reading the back cover of The Help. 
  • Students can check their understanding about the book by making questions about the text and answering others’ questions by doing Bingo game.

  • Copies of the back over of The Help
  • Handouts
  • Whiteboards with markers
Overview of Entire Lesson
Students make a guess about the story from the book cover and read the back cover in groups. They check unknown words and find the information about the characters, setting, and theme. Students fill a bingo grid with the words from the text and play the game in their group.

Procedure of Portion Demonstrated

  • Pre-reading stage :
    Student make a guess about the story of The Help from the front cover.

  • While-reading stage: 

  1. Students in groups read the back cover of The Help and check the unknown words in the text. 
  2. Students in groups find the information from the text : characters, setting, and themes

  • Post-reading stage:
    Students in groups play the Bingo game by making comprehension questions about the text and answering them.

    HWP file: synopsis of the help

Reading & Making activity using ‘I can~’ expression

Name:   Euna Lee                                                      Grade Level:  Grade 3~4

Topic/Lesson Title: Reading & Making activity using ‘I can~’ expression.
Source of Experimentation
‘Missing number station’ activity of Math lesson and storytelling in Oversea lessons
Language Skills:
Speaking, listening, reading, writing
Learning Objective:  (What will learners know or be able to do after this activity/lesson?)
1) Students will be able to read and speak the sentences with ‘I can ~ .’
2) Students will be able to extend their vocabulary after the activities.
1) ‘My Five Senses’ story (
2)  Making a Poem (
3)  Word cards, sticky notes
Overview of Entire Lesson
  1. Review of the body part words: ‘One little finger’ song
  2. Read the story: ‘My five Senses’
    Listen to the Teacher’s storytelling first, then read the story with the students again and make sure of the key words     
  3. Missing word station
  1. With a partner, visit each station.
  2. Find the missing word and write down it on the pair work card.(no.1~5)
  3. On No.6, find the missing words as many as you can.
  4. Design your own missing word question to share the class.
     4. Making ‘I can Poem’
          Each students make their own poem using the sentences and words of ‘Missing
         word station’ . after the making, share their works.
Procedure of Portion Demonstrated
  1. Review of the body part words: ‘One little finger’ song
     2. Read the story: ‘My five Senses’  
     3. Missing word station
     4. Making ‘I can Poem’

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

💎Sharing Ideas using the 'Diamond Map'💎

        • Writing sentences using the Diamond map

-  Have students complete in the 3 blanks on a Diamond map by sharing their ideas.

1. In the first blank : Each student writes down a sentence and rotate the paper 90°
2. In the second blank : Students write the other sentence in contrast to  the first sentence in the first blank.
3. In the third blank : Students combine the first sentence with the second sentence using 'though'.
4. Students proofread all sentences that they wrote, and choose the best sentence in their group
5. Students make a presentation of their best sentence in front of the friends and share their ideas.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Making a Word-Train! (studying the structure of an English sentence)

Overview of Entire Lesson

Part 1. Studying the structure of English sentences
  • lets students tell any word in Korean. 
  • makes a sentence using students’ words, and lets them guess the structure of a sentence. 
  • shows a picture in which students are interested and ask them to tell any word in English about the picture. 
  • gives students chance to think about the structure of an English sentence. 
  • Comprehension checking with the chart of the structure of an English sentence. 
Part 2. Group activity: Making a word-train as long as you can! (Game)
  • Make groups of four. 
  • Give groups the worksheets of cars of a train and the frequently-used English words list, which are going to be used for making a word-train. 
  • Show a picture and ask students to describe it 
  • Start the game
a) choose some words for the picture given by the teacher and write them down on their worksheets.
b) make a sentence by linking the cars of a train.
c) whose word-train is longest will be a winner.

Review games with Rock-Paper-Scissors

Name:  Yurim Jo                                                                                 Grade Level: Grade 6
Topic/Lesson Title: Review games with Rock-Paper-Scissors
Source of Experimentation:
부산놀이직무연수 ‘어디까지 놀아봤니?’(놀이교사 모임 가위바위보 )
Language Skills: Speaking the key expression, Reading the text
Learning Objective:  
1. After playing the rock-paper-scissors soccer,  students can speak their future dream.
2. After playing the rock-paper-scissors walking,  students can read the text about the future dream.
1. PPT
2. Line tape for start line
3. Blackboard and marker
4. Sentences card
Overview of Entire Lesson
  1. Motivation : Zootopia
Teacher’s question
Watch a video
Talk about the video
Review the keyexpression
     2.  Rock-Paper-Scissors Soccer
Divide team A and team B
Choose the role of team between goalkeeper and player. 
The players go to G1. 
G1 asks “What do you want to be?” The players answer “I want to be a (job)”  
Rock-Paper-Scissors. If the players win,go to the G2.  
If the players lose,  go back to the start line and go to G1 again.  
G2 asks “What do you like to do?” The players answer, “I like to  (things you like to do ).”  
Rock-Paper-Scissors. If the players win, go to the blackboard and write / on it.  
If the players lose,   go back to the start line and go to G1 again.  
Change the role. The team who has the most point in the 3minute is the winner.
     3.  Read the text students learned last time one more
     4.  Rock-Paper-Scissors Walking
There are sentences card from what they learned on the floor.
Students stand in a line behind the strat line.
One student of Team walk and read the sentences on their right.
When they meet, do Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winner keep going and reading.
Losers go back to their teamline. Next member of the lost team walks and reads them.
The team who all the members pass the road is the winner.
     5.  Review
Show the past photo of someone. Guess Who is he/she.
Give them a hint about the future job.
They can say ‘I want to be a ~.’
1. Rock-Paper-Scissors Soccer
-it is better to ask to come round the cone than to get to the starting line.  Or You can make lower students stand as a cone. Players do Hi-Five with the student when they go round him.
-You can put a referee in front of the blackboard. They can count the point.
-Goalkeeper can hold the picture card. Players answer by they picture card. Then they can practice various expression.
2. Rock-Paper-Scissors Walking
-It is better put the sentence card in a line. Students touch the sentence card and read. When they read same sentence card, they do rock-paper-scissors.
-You can put the sentence card on the floor. Students can read the card they stepped on. -Each team has a referee who observes that the other team is reading well.