Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pace reading + Group teaching

[Pace reading]

1. Let the students listen to the recording of the text using the software first.
2. Let the students read the text out loudly at the same pace of the recording.
3. Slowly turn down the volume of the recording and stop. Make the students guess where we stop.
4. It's a pair work. Let the students disscuss together with their partner.

Pace reading is a very easy way to make Ss focus on the text.

[Group Teaching]

1. Divide the text into four parts and write down the things the Ss should cover.
2. Make four students into one group.
3.  Assign each students their part.
4.  The Ss take turn and teach each other.
5. After all the students have their turns, check their comprehension with Quizziz.

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