Friday, May 29, 2020

Using Puzzles in Class

<Using Puzzles in Class>

<Using Puzzles in Class>

-Useful Websites for Making a Puzzle

-Types of Puzzles 

 1) (Functional English) Letter Tiles
: Unscramble the tiles to make a sentence

2) (Functional English) Word Maze 
: Find out the sentence by connecting letters
: Number in a square = the number of words consisting of the sentence
: A letter in a shadow square = the first letter of the first word of the sentence

(PPT ver.)

(Worksheet ver.)

3) (Vocabulary) Word Search
: To make it more educational (and somewhat difficult...), 
 * Let students unscramble the letters to make a correct word 
                       write down a meaning of the word
                       do the word search!

4)  (Vocabulary) Double Puzzles
: Unscramble the letters.
  Find a letter for the number to make another sentence

5)  (Vocabulary) Decoding Games

6) (Reading) Decoding
: Read the text quickly and find out the letters for the blanks.
: Using the letters you found, make a new sentence

7) (Reading) Collaborative Puzzle
: Good for checking reading comprehension
: Make groups of 4 students
: Cut each part (<A>, <B>, <C>, and <D>) and distribute them to each student
: Find the answers for the blank
: If students gather the letter in a triangle in order(From the first triangle in <A> to the last triangle in <D>), students can find a new sentence.
[REMARK] Teachers ask students who finish their work quickly to help the other students since it's a collaborative work!

8) Logic Puzzles 
: Check out a link below!

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