Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Logic Problems

Logic Problems
Provide students with a logic problem or riddle that they need to discuss together in order to solve.

Example: Danny’s Family  Danny is having a birthday party with 6 of his family members. They are his grandmother, mother, aunt, brother, father, and uncle. Their names in random order are Ben, Julie, Mike, Betty, Jane, and Luke.
Listen to the clues to discover the names of Danny's family members.
1. Ben is not Danny’s uncle.
2. Danny’s grandmother’s name starts with B.
3. Luke is not Danny’s brother.
4. Julie is not his aunt.
5. Danny’s father’s name is Mike.

Puzzle and Riddle Sources

Logic Puzzles Google Doc

Adaptions &Extensions

Clue Dictation: Instead of providing students with the clues, dictate the clues. Students have to accurately write down the clues and confirm them with group members before solving the puzzle.

Pre-puzzle Treasure Hunt: Hide the clues around the classroom.  Students have to find them in order to solve the puzzle.

Student Generated Clues: Give students a scenario and/or graphic organizer and have them write clues.  Exchange these with other groups and solve each others' puzzles. 

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