Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reading and grammar exercise by Running Dictation

Running dictation
Teacher chooses a reading material (a paragraph-long) which contains some relative pronouns.
Teacher divides it into 3 or 4 part, and shuffles them in wrong order.
Teacher posts them on the wall, and makes students do “running dictation” as a group activity.
Running dictation : A student runs to the wall and memorize his or her allotment of the reading paragraph and tells the group recorder what he or she memorizes, and the the next students does the same until the group finishes completing their reading material”
After completing the dictation part, students correct the order of the parts of the paragraph and read it individually.
Reading comprehension
While reading the well-ordered paragraph all together, students solve some comprehension check questions.
Teacher explains some important vocabulary and difficult structures and checks if students understood the contents of the paragraph or not.
Formative test
Teacher gives some example sentences which have a blank and makes students fill in the blanks with the correct relative pronoun.

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