Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Speakers Corner & Table Talk

Speaker’s Corner   
This is a fluency activity that is suitable for relatively high-level students in schools or classes that support the use of technology and/or shared online spaces. Introduce the concept of Speaker’s Corner by showing videos from the ‘You Are Here’ YouTube Channel
Give students a list of topics they can discuss. (See Below)
Divide them into groups of two or three and give them some time to prepare what they are going to say.   If enough recording devices are available, pair teams up with each other so that they can take turns recording each other.  Videos can then be uploaded to a private communal space (like a class Band).  Students are encouraged (or required) to watch and comment on their classmates videos.   For lower level students, the speaking task can be simplified and additional language prompts can be provided

Table Talk Table Talk Discussions  (based on Toastmasters - about - local clubs)
Students either randomly choose a table talk topic or can choose one themselves. They have 2 minutes to prepare their answer. They then have one minute to answer the question with a mini-speech. This can be done whole group or in small groups, recorded and shared or not.
Possible Topics here

Speakers' Corner Videos

Speakers' Corner   Hyde Park Video
        You Are Here Cafe

Watch your speakers' corner video and at least two others from your class. After watching your video, post a short reflection about what you observed of your language usage, speaking style, and non-verbal communication. What specifically might you try to improve? Be NICE to yourself!  Also post at least two comments about the substance of others' videos.

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