Thursday, May 11, 2017

'Thing Do-ers'

Topic/Lesson Title:
Vocabulary learning through a game
Language Skills:
Vocabulary learning, Speaking
Detailed Procedure
  • To say hello to each other
30 secs
  • To review what ss learned during the last class
30 secs
Introducing Today’s Topic
  • To let ss guess what they will learn today using some visual aids(pictures on PPT slides)
5 mins
Doing an Activity
  • To make some groups and ask ss to name their group
  • To introduce some steps of today’s activity
  • Ss is going to watch a video clip (while ss are watching a video clip, they should memorize the order in which things come out)
  • T is giving them a worksheet in which a grid is given and a sticker worksheet. Using stickers, ss can fill in the blanks on the grid.
  • To complete the worksheet, ss have to order the items and figure out what they are called. Each item has the ‘Thing do-er’ structure name like ‘bodybuilder’ or ‘anteater’
  • To find out a note on which a hint is written, ss can look around the classroom.
  • A group to finish their work first is going to be a winner.
  • To check the answers together by watching another  video clip
24 mins
  • To have a short preview on the next class
  • To wrap up the class
30 secs

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  1. This activity is really good for the culture study. Students have to memorize things and write them down so it can be a bit challenging, but still it's super fun! :)