Saturday, May 27, 2017

Whisper Game
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<Whisper Game>
- First, make groups of 5-6 and make them line up.
- Teacher gives a word to the first student.
- The student hears the word, and passes on the word that pops into his/her mind after hearing the word.
- The turn continues.
- After the word is passed on up to the last student, they speak out the word.
- Ss share their answers together. All the answers from each group will vary.

* Difference between the actual whisper game and this activity:
- In the original whisper game, students are asked to pass on the exact word or sentence they hear. However, in this game, it's more like guessing game in that students don't know what the exact word is. They have to come up with a new word or sentence.

* Variation: This activity can be used for grammar lessons as well.
-For example
1) The teacher gives the word 'air-conditioner'
2) Ss have to make a sentence like : 'I use this to cool myself'
3) The next S hears the sentence, guesses what is it and says : 'It is especially useful in the hot summer', and so on.
4) Last student has to guess what the word is.

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