Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teaching superlative adjectives with a pop-song

1. Learning Objectives
- Students will be able to fill in the blanks correctly listening to the pop song.
- Students will be able to write sentences using the superlative adjectives.

2. Pop-song Activity
- To guess the title of a pop song by looking an image made with Tagul
- To watch a music video and listen to a pop song ('The Best Day' by Taylor Swift)
- To fill in the blanks in the worksheet
- To check the answers in pairs first, and then in a whole class
- To play a game with in groups, using small white boards

3. Look-Around-You Race
- Write as many superlative statements about the people in the classroom as they can.
- After 5 minutes, each group takes turns and shares their sentences.
- If group B has the same sentence as the group A,  then group B should cross that statement off their list.
- The activity continues until all groups have read all of their statement and any duplicates are eliminated.
- The group win the most statement remaining wins.

* Google slide materials
* Pop song worksheet

1 comment:

  1. Popsongs are always interesting and Look-Around-You activity is easy, simple, and super fun! It's a good chance for students to look at their friends and think about them. :)