Friday, June 23, 2017

Grammar Lesson: perceptive verbs

Perception verbs + O + RV/~ing


TEE Language Used
-We are One!/5min
/group activity
  • Have Ss review the previous lesson for themselves in a group
  • Ss should reach a consensus while filling out the group worksheet
  • Each Ss fill out their own worksheet (The answers should be the same with the group ones)
As a group, all your members should share the knowledge what we learned. Only king in your group should write down on your group worksheet. After group discussion, you should complete your own review worksheet and it should be almost the same with your group worksheet.
catch the scene
/group activity
  • For minutes, Ss should remember the picture in which some people are doing something
  • Ss make sentences with perception verbs
Watching the picture, you should remember the people’s name and what they are doing. And then you make sentences with 지각동사 as many as you can.
You are the witness/ Group and Individual activity
  • A kind of Information gap activity
  • Given the picture card, Ss deliver what they saw, heard and felt to the others
  • In a group, Ss gather the information they heard and find the suspects
  • Check the sentences Ss made on the padlet
With the given clue card, you should make sentences with 지각동사. And tell the sentences you made to your friends. Get and collect sentences as many as you  can. Finally you can find the suspects. Check the answers with Paddlet.

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