Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jigsaw Reading Activity with Wizer.me and Padlet

A. Comprehension Check-up with Wizer.me

  1. Each student reads the given paragraph individually.
  2. Pair Work
     - Students tell what they read to their partners in their own words.
     - Students listen carefully what their partners say and take notes.

   3. Students access to Wizer.me( http://wizer.me ) with given student codes, type in their names and solve the assigned questions about their partners' paragraphs.
     ( sample code: FGLDGX for student A )

   4. After students hand in their answers online, teacher can check the students' results.

B. Cooperative Sentence Sequencing with Padlet
  1. Group Work
     - Students retell the stories they listened to the other pairs in their groups.
     - Students listen carefully what the other pairs say.

  2. Students access to Padlet assigned to their groups. (example: http://goo.gl/BMA98j )
  3. Students reorder the sentences according to the stories they listened in their groups.
4. The team that finishes first would be the winner.

* Powerpoint Presentation link for the class:

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