Thursday, June 15, 2017

Making Today's Food in the morning.

Dear Jeff and chefs

  As the season goes to the summer, you feel the cool in the air-conditioner.
 It seems to smell that food in  PUFS...101 Building.... So cool and so fresh in morning.
   PUFS in's a good place to think and meditate at the Mano square in the morning.
Today, I'd like to read some books in extensive reading time.
  I love PUFS, I'd like to stay there.
  I have talked with my wife, Eugene about Jeff and new chefs like you.

  So the hectic routine is coming to me here.
  I prepare for combat with Korean Education.
  Though I am living in Busan, Korea, I miss PUFS and You.

                                                  Sincerely Richard(Sung Woo, Choi)

P.S. captain, always thank you so much. I miss you.
       And you're reminding me of doing homework after a long journey in Brisbane.
       I promise that I'll do that.

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