Monday, June 18, 2018

Grammar Bingo

Activity 1 Checking Comprehension
  • T reminds Ss of the sentences in the textbook and asks them to talk about what they learned last class in pairs.
With 100 won, you can give a child three bananas.
With 1000 won, you can buy a child a meal.
With 10000 won, you can send 30 pills to sick children in North Korea.
  • Ss explain to each other the rules of the target structure, dative verbs.
S + Dative verbs + Indirect Object + Direct Object
S + Dative verbs + Direct Object + Preposition + Indirect Object
  • Ss are asked to put the ideas they’ve shared together in groups.
  • T checks whether it is correct or not with the whole class.

Activity 2 Practicing Target Structure
  • T lets Ss in pairs write the sentences on the picture cards by using the given words(including davite verbs) and pictures.
  • Ss are asked to complete all of the sentence cards for the Bingo game.
  • T lets Ss share and check the answers in groups.

Activity 3 Playing Bingo Game
  • T let Ss randomly put the sentence cards in each grid on the board.
  • Ss present and tick the target sentences on the cards in turn.
  • When Ss make 3 or 4 lines, they win the game.

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