Monday, July 2, 2018


Topic/Lesson Title:  Let’s read in various ways.
Source of Inspiration/ Experimental Goal

Show program / student can read in various ways
Language Skills:  reading, speaking
Learning Objective:  (What will learners know or be able to do after your lesson?)

They are able to read and speak key expressions fluently
Teaching Development Goals: (What do you hope to learn and/or accomplish as an educator?
                                                     Which criteria will you be focusing on improving)
I hope they can memorize and speak the key sentences fluently
PPT, Text book , tsherpa site


Daily routine(weather, date, feeling)
Shadow reading
Listen and repeat slowly by half a beat
Bomb reading
•Each one can read 1 to 3 words
•The student who reads the last word is loser!
Popcorn reading
1) Each one can read 1 or 2 sentences
2) After reading, the student has to choose next reader  

Don’t choose the student who did already!
Read to the end
  • Watch the example video 
  • Explain how to do this activity
  • Each one has to memorize the text for 5 minutes .
  • Pick students randomly and let them memorize text (they can choose their level). If they are succeed their team member also can get prize.

  Level reading - It can be too stressful to students. Team can divide the roll.
 Popcorn reading - it is fun. But do not compare with teacher, compare with other classes
Shadow reading - I’m not sure it’s really effective

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