Friday, July 6, 2018

The nuances of causative verbs(make, have, let)

In this class, I try to teach the differences between nuances of the causative verbs: make, have, and let. There is a 'ordering gauge' in each picture for the three verbs in the slides, which are 'very high' for 'make', 'moderate' for 'have', and 'very low' for 'let'.

The flow of the class is following:

pictures for ordering gauge

Main Part 1. Matching the three causative verbs with three sentences and other pictures.
Main Part 2. Typotionary for expressing the nuances of the verbs by group working.
Main Part 3. Presentation of students' works.

Wrap Up & Next time
review song and the lyrics for next class: the sentence with the causative verbs.
; review song lyrics are in the slides and the rhythm comes from the nursery rhyme 'Row, row, row your boat'. The lyrics for next time comes from 'Hands clap' by 'Fitz and Tantrums' (GO this song)

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